Disclaimer: A $15 administrative surcharge fee will apply if we are unable in locating your information; hence we located your potential dishonest date. This is a statewide search covering the specific state you choose to search. DateChecker.com and its affiliates are not responsible for incorrect information or data. To conduct a more thorough search, contact us via email requesting further information and one of our representatives will get back to you. If you did not submit a fingerprint card this record is provided as a result of a name inquire only. Positive identification can only be verified by submission of a fingerprint card and comparison to that states law enforcement agency.

We do not provide exact address information when locating people due to security and safety reasons; however we will provide cross streets and a partial address. If you need to locate someone and specifically need their address you will have to provide us with a valid driver’s license, confirming your physical address, and signing a contract through Counter Intelligence Services.


If retained to conduct a photo verification and we are unable to obtain the photograph due to circumstances out of our control (weather, subject is on vacation…etc.) you will still be charged for said service. Photo verifications are conducted during the week, in the early morning hours to eliminate the possibility of not observing the subject to photograph. DateChecker agrees to report all findings, facts and other matters to the client, however has made no promises or specific performances or results, and is only obligated to be diligent in its undertakings and to perform professional for the client. You agree to hire DateChecker DBA (Counter Intelligence Services) to perform professionally and diligently and agree to pay based upon the time and not the results; to include not charging back your credit card at anytime.


If we are retained to conduct surveillance, it will be billed out at a 4 hour minimum times the surveillance hourly rate.


Marriage records are not considered public record in many states throughout the US, and many states only offer historical data. Currently there are only 13 states offering marriage records; California 1960-1985, Colorado 1975-2004, Connecticut 1966-2002, Florida 1970-1999, Georgia 1964-1999, Iowa 1835-1926, Kentucky 1973-1999, Maine 1892-1996, Minnesota 1976-2000, Ohio 1970-2004, Texas 1966-2002, Utah 1800-1999, and West Virginia 1931-1970. If you are trying to confirm a potential dates marriage status, and the state you are searching is not listed above, contact a DateChecker representative. It is possible through conducting various due diligent searches that we might locate a marriage record through other means.

DateChecker.com is a verification service confirming information you assume a potential date is telling you. To conduct a more thorough search, contact us via email requesting further information and one of our representatives will get back to you. DateChecker.com conducts its work lawfully and legitimately within the parameters of Chapter 493, Section 521 of the Gramm- Lach-Bliley Act (GLB), Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Drivers Privacy Protection Act, etc. The information we have provided to you should be held in the strictest of confidence by you; do not disclose this report to another person(s) for sale or informative purposes. This report is considered confidential information and should be held in the strictest manner. Agency license #: A9300263.