DateChecker.com specializes in providing the public an affordable way to verify who a potential date really is? We are a verification service confirming information you assume a potential date is telling you. We do not provide exact current address information on dates and confidential personal information which might harm an individual.

In today’s society life is moving faster than ever and the world is a smaller place, with a number of people out for themselves only; sad but so true. Now there is a service that protects the general public from liars, heartbreakers and your all around criminals. As the president of DateChecker.com and Counter Intelligence Services with over 20 years of investigative experience I can tell you horror stories and heartwarming stories but what has aggravated me over the years are the liars who hurt average good people.

Many online research companies provide instant access to searches you can conduct online. They are also misleading and preying on your lack of understanding, whereas the only “national criminal record” is an NCIC and only law enforcement can obtain it. Many companies are selling this type of service for as little as $19.95…however they are selling you CONVICTIONS ONLY and 85% of cases are settled out of court through plea-bargains. You need a true criminal record search run via that state or county; remember if it sounds too good to be true it normally is.

DateChecker CONFIRMS all data by going directly to the government source. This is why our results take 24-72 hours to return to you, we actually have licensed investigators working your cases that confirm the data before generating reports. Conducting a background check by clicking a button and reading a computer screen is misleading and dangerous. You need an investigation big or small conducted by a professional organization that knows what they’re looking for.

DateChecker.com has a job now and we are here to stay by helping the general public with low prices that everybody can afford. If you’re asking yourself questions about a potential date or just not sure of the volatility of a person; hesitate no longer and check them out with DateChecker.com.